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The Power of Diet

“The doctors told me that my only option would be chemotherapy”

Jacquelyn reversed her symptoms with diet in just 30 days

Whatever medications or treatments you are taking to reduce inflammation and manage pain, the result will never be sustainable if the approach does not also include eliminating the factors that contribute to inflammation.

What you eat plays a major role there, and American diet is particularly rich in highly inflammatory foods that increase risk of rheumatic disorders and pain by as much as 300%.

Among the top 5 foods that fuel inflammation and pain are:

1. Most cooking oils and everything deep fried

2. Artificial trans fats, like margarine and other butter replacements

3. Refined carbohydrates – all sugars and starches that do not exist in nature

4. Most sweetened drinks, including all “0 calorie” sodas

5. Commercially raised red meats, and grilled meats, in particular

The key to good nutrition is choosing whole foods and ditching most everything processed, and the diet change is almost the only remedy that does not cost extra money.

Jacquelyn Jones from Monroe, LA, lived in a debilitating pain for 20 years, mainly in her back.

After the doctors told her that her only option would be chemotherapy, as the pain killers could not relieve the pain enough anymore, she decided to try a

plant-based diet. Chemotherapy did not sound like a good choice; so, an alternative was badly needed.

The results surprised Jacquelyn herself and the doctors - just 30 days later she was completely pain-free, ALL her symptoms were reversed, and she was completely taken off the medications.

It also inspired Jacquelyn’s career change. She started a vegan food truck that also participated in the Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race and has also created a 10-day program designed to lower inflammation and ease participants into a plant-based lifestyle.

Here’s her chia seed pudding recipe – quick to make and great to lower inflammation, provide omega fatty acids, improve brain function and boost the immune system:

Take canned coconut milk as a base, sweeten it with a bit of maple syrup, add chia seeds, vanilla and a dash of cardamom. Whisk it together. Mash raspberries or other berries with a fork and top with the pudding mixture. Chia seeds need a few hours to absorb the liquid. It can be prepared the night before and enjoyed for breakfast.

May this story encourage you to make better food choices, as painless living is impossible without good nutrition. Turning it upside down overnight maybe challenging, but even one little improvement every week will make a difference.


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