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Cryotherapy can help your muscles recover!

If you workout on a regular basis, it is common knowledge that recovery is an important factor in achieving your goals. As with so many workout programs, there is always a new method of improving your outcomes to recover faster, easier, and with convenience.

Currently, the rave is focused on Whole Body Cryotherapy!

Simply, Whole Body Cryotherapy involves stepping into a chamber that exposes only the head and shoulders, while the remainder of your body is surrounded by the chamber walls. The chamber is then filled with nitrogen which plunges temperatures to -200 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 3 minutes. Think of jumping into cold pool in the middle of winter and making it 3-4 times colder. BRRRRR.

Although the extreme temperature is intense, it has athletes and celebrities alike touting the benefits of this treatment. LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. swear by it for optimal performance, muscle recovery, and energy.

In addition, it has also attracted competitive runners, triathletes, cyclists, and even the business executive who wants to maximize their potential at the office.

How does it work?

Once the temperature plunges below zero, the body responds to the stimuli (dry cold) by concentrating blood flow to the core in order to protect the vital organs. Upon completion, the oxygenated blood is pushed into the extremities which aids in healing. The treatment is a very concentrated, cold treatment that is similar to an ice bath, yet more comfortable than submersing your entire body in a traditional ice bath.

Those proponents of the treatment report positive mood change, stress reduction, an increase in endorphins, muscle recovery, and decreased inflammation with whole body cryotherapy. Cryotherapy began in the 1970s in Japan to treat rheumatoid arthritis and has been effective in reducing pain and in the treatment of those individuals who suffer with autoimmune diseases, arthritis, and even depression.

Is it safe?

For the majority, the risks are low, however, it is recommended that you consult with a medical professional prior to the treatment to ensure that it is a safe option. Certain individuals with health issues to include Raynaud’s disease, seizure disorders, and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome should not consider cryotherapy since it could cause restriction of blood vessels resulting in frostbite or necrosis (tissue death). The good news is that these complications are extremely rare in individuals that are not stricken with the above conditions. The spa or wellness center should provide a robe, towel, socks, shoes, and gloves to minimize any risks.

An attendent or technician should be present and communicate with client continually to ensure comfort and safety. If you do experience discomfort, you should notify the technician so the treatment can be discontinued.

How much does it cost?

The cost of whole body cryotherapy ranges from $40 (midwest) up to $100 (New York). At Cryo FX in OKC, OK, treatment starts at $45 with weekly specials that make it economical for any budget.

The takeaway.

Whole body cryotherapy appears to benefit competitive athletes as well as those who suffer from inflammatory disorders and chronic pain. Although it is not approved by the FDA as a treatment for those conditions, the subjective claims of our clients support positive results.


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